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Been wanting to write a review for the manuscript R gave me, but I can’t.

Damn it. I just can’t.


I am not into it just now.

I don’t know.

My heart’s not in it.


So I listen to this song instead.

Perhaps scientists need inspiration to get going?


A little bit of art in life?

A good song might do.


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Stop complaining and shut your mouth up!

It was a long full day in the lab packed with experiments, lab meeting, and junkfood from the Rosenmontag celebration yesterday. By early afternoon I was already tired, and feeling hungry even just an hour past lunch time. While setting up my western blot, I complained as I always do.


“I´m hungry.”

“I´m tired.”

“I´m sleepy.”


T. heard me and said “Those are the words of a woman in her late pregnancy period with her big protruding belly.”


I kept my mouth shut the rest of the day.



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