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A vision, you came

A fancy, a wish

And I knew I lab thee from the very start

Affection that sprouted even before the first sight.

I chased thee

I run after thee

And I will continue to pursue thee

Just because I lab thee.

My fairytale

My love story

My dream come true

And I lab thee faithfully.

You give me a thrill,

Goosebumps all over my body

My mystery, my hocus pocus,

Like a ghost in the night

And still, I lab thee.

Sometimes you hurt me

And frustrate me

Wrong signals, you give me

Confusion, you clothe me

I lab thee anyway.

Sleepless nights,

Messed up body clock,


These you cause me

But I lab thee anyway.

I will not give up, I will just shut up

I sing songs for thee, I dance for thee

I weep because of thee, But I will fight for thee

Just remember how much I lab thee.


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